Google Docs not responding - Patton - Madalyn Like - ST

Madalyn Like has been unable to type in her Google Docs.  She has rebooted her computer and Google Docs continues to freeze and then says that the page is not responding. 

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  1. Sherri Schroeder
    19 October, 2021

    10/19/2021 TSII emailed the student to ask if the google docs was working better, student replied on 10/18/2021 that it is working now.

  2. Sherri Schroeder
    18 October, 2021


    Do you know if Madalyn's issue is resolved with google docs and sheets?

    Thanks, Sherri

  3. Taylor Patton
    15 October, 2021

    Yes, I will have her check when she comes in from recess.

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  4. Sherri Schroeder
    15 October, 2021


    When Madalyn has time could you have her check and see if the typing within google docs is any better or still lagging?

    Thanks, Sherri Schroeder

  5. Sherri Schroeder
    14 October, 2021

    Turned off the offline extension and the lagging got a bit better but not as fast as when TSII is logged into her own google doc on the same device. It is still lagging a bit. TSII emailed student to have her test.

  6. Sherri Schroeder
    14 October, 2021

    10/14/2021 Issue is only in google docs, sheets, etc. There is extreme lagging when student is typing in these programs. If the student is in anything else for example just typing something in search field in google, it types fine or logging into chromebook. Issue follows the student when logged into TSII's chromebook. We have seen this issue before, will research the solution.

    TSII noticed power button didn't work, fixed that. Student has chromebook back.

  7. Sherri Schroeder
    13 October, 2021


    Could you send Madalyn home with a loaner and leave her chromebook on your desk so I can take a look at it?

    Thanks, Sherri Schroeder