Power Issue - Dell Teacher Chromebook

Mr. Rynk could not get the Chromebook to power on. 

This ticket was entered by Jeanella Shelby

Responses to this article

  1. Rebecca Coleman
    13 August, 2021

    I received an email from Lincoln Winegar's mom. She has been putting his chromebook on the charger and his chromebook won't charge. It would not charge on the extra charger in the classroom.

  2. Jeanella Shelby
    21 October, 2020

    Staff reported the Dell Chromebook is powering on this morning.

  3. Jeanella Shelby
    20 October, 2020

    When STC took the Dell Chromebook back down to staff, he found the original Dell charger. The HP charger was his Classroom loaner charger.

    STC set everything back up for staff. Will keep this ticket open for a few days to monitor issue that it does not reoccur.

  4. Jeanella Shelby
    20 October, 2020

    Staff is using an HP charger, not the Dell charger that came with the Chromebook. STC researched the issue after thoroughly checking the power on the wall. Do think the plugin is not a tight fit. Danny is going to look at this. Tried Esc/Refresh/Power to reset. That did not work.

    This worked: Unseated the battery cable from the battery port. Held the power button down for 30 seconds, while lid is open. Closed lid. Plugged charger back into port. After 10 seconds, opened lid. Powered on at this time. This is considered a soft reset.

    Staff does not know where his charger is located that came with the Dell Chromebook. STC is giving him another charger specifically for the Dell.